Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes, and aside from Batman villains, probably the premier “villainess” of DC. Epic Duels players familiar with Darth Maul will really enjoy this deck, as it’s a slightly more sophisticated take on the “free actions” idea. But the deck really started with Geektopia’s IG-88 and Bossk deck (which mostly uses cards from PD Magnus). Bossk’s THRILL OF THE HUNT seemed to fit Cheetah’s character well and the rest of the deck followed from that.

Cheetah PDF

Cheetah: 17 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

3x THRILL OF THE HUNT: A4 After combat is resolved, move the defending character 6 spaces away from Cheetah.

3x POUNCE: A6 Play this card face up. Move Cheetah up to 6 spaces, landing her adjacent to an enemy character, who becomes the target of the attack.

3x FERAL STRIKE: A4 If Cheetah has moved with a Power Combat or Special card this turn, playing this card does not count as an action.

3x UNNATURAL SPEED: Move Cheetah up to 6 spaces. Draw a card.

2x LAW OF THE JUNGLE: D3 The attacking character takes 3 damage. Draw a card.

1x GLORY KILL: A9 If the defending character is destroyed, playing this card does not count as an action. If not, discard 3 cards.

Cheetah 1

Theme: A powerful predator that chases down prey and tears it to shreds.

Strengths: Ridiculous damage output, great movement, ability to isolate an enemy, potential for free actions.

Weaknesses: Average drawing power, needs to get her cards in the right order, poor defense overall.

Complexity – Intermediate: This deck is super fun to play when you get all your cards in the right order. Learning that order can take a little bit.

Path to Victory: POUNCE or UNNATURAL SPEED followed by FERAL STRIKE, THRILL OF THE HUNT to isolate and set it up, GLORY KILL.

Playing as Cheetah: Cheetah is a heavy hitter, but she’s not great at defense with her Red Deck. You’ll want a few defense cards before stepping up, but once you do, you can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Just be prepared to get treated unkindly in response.

Playing Against Cheetah: Consider a strong ranged character who can stay out of range and do damage. Cheetah’s biggest weakness is her defense. She can do a ton of damage once she gets to you, but she has to get there first. Also, stockpile so you have defense cards, but save your big defends until you have low health, especially in a team game. If you can survive GLORY KILL, Cheetah becomes much less of a threat.

Cheetah 2


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