The world’s most famous superhero was the first character I tackled for this project. I knew I’d have to get him right if this project was going to work. And it took a few a tries to find the right balance of powerful but beatable. The original version ultimately proved too ineffective; the current version is powerful but not invincible.  He also helped set up one of my major parameters: a maximum of 9 unique talent cards.

Superman PDF

Superman: 23 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

3x SUPER STRENGTH: A9 Draw a card. If KRYPTONITE is in your discard pile, the attack value is 3.

2x MAN OF STEEL: D12 Draw a card. If KRYPTONITE is in your discard pile, the defend value is 4.

1x KRYPTONITE: If this card is discarded from your hand, Superman takes 4 damage. As long as this card is in the discard pile, Superman cannot use Special Cards.

2x UP, UP AND AWAY: Move Superman up to 6 spaces. You may ignore obstacles and enemies but must land on an unoccupied space. Draw a card.

2x HEAT VISION: Choose a character Superman could attack at range. That character takes 4 damage and must discard a card.

2x SUPER BREATH: Move a character Superman can attack up to 6 spaces. That character takes 2 damage.

1x X-RAY VISION: Choose an opponent. That opponent must reveal their hand to you and discard 2 cards of your choice.

1x COLD BREATH: A4 Place this card on the defender’s Life Card. While this is on a character’s Life Card, the character cannot move, attack or defend. They may use an action to discard 3 cards and remove this card.

1x LAST SON OF KRYPTON: A12 Discard your hand. Shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile and draw 4 cards.

Superman 2

Theme: Tons of superpowers, lots of strength and one crippling weakness – Kryptonite.

Strengths: Big attacks, lots of hit points,  good movement and drawing power, forces discards and causes direct damage.

Weaknesses: KRYPTONITE, poor defense options outside of MAN OF STEEL, can’t rely on getting a particular card in any game, needs to build up a hand to be most effective.

Complexity – Simple: Superman is a straight forward deck designed for pick up and play by any player, regardless of experience. It’s easy to win with the Big Blue Boyscout… if you don’t get overconfident.

Path to Victory: Multiple SUPER STRENGTH or LAST SON OF KRYPTON, especially if used as follow up to COLD BREATH

Playing as Superman: You have lots of good cards in your deck, but you need to draw them to be effective. Superman has a lot of hit points but it won’t do him much good if he can’t defend damage or do enough damage to make him strong. Rushing into battle with UP, UP AND AWAY and one SUPER STRENGTH is tempting, but it will get you destroyed if you’re not careful. Use SUPER BREATH and X-RAY VISION defensively: Superman is vulnerable to gang ups in team battles and keeping extra opponents away from you and unable to use their best cards is the best plan. While SON OF KRYPTON is made to save you from KRYPTONITE, don’t necessarily save it for that purpose – the card is strong enough that using it is often worth it. Speaking of your big weakness, practice your poker face – there’s only one in the deck, and unless your opponent can peak at your hand or force discards, there’s no reason to worry about it too much. That said, X-RAY VISION should be used to get rid of those cards at all cost.

Playing Against Superman: Ranged characters are actually a pretty good option against Superman; he’s got a mediocre defensive game and aside from HEAT VISION and UP, UP AND AWAY he’s not exactly going to play a long distance game. If you have to get involved in melee combat, be sure to stockpile your defense cards: Superman has a ton of damage potential with eight A5 or higher cards. After defending, unload your attacks on him; Superman can go down quickly as long as he doesn’t have MAN OF STEEL. Of course, the strongest options are decks which force discards – and not just because of KRYPTONITE. Superman has a ton of cards that can cause a problem for you, and getting rid of his big attacks and useful specials is a trade off. If you can discard KRYPTONITE, you’ll probably win, but don’t count on it as your top strategy – there’s only one in his deck, after all.


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