Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter was an interesting character to work on. For one, J’onn J’onnz is arguably the most powerful superhero in DC, as long as you don’t have a box of matches lying around. More challenging was trying to decide which of his numerous powers to focus on, and how to represent them. Ultimately, I decided to focus on his psychic and shapeshifting powers, since they are what most distinguishes his power set from Superman. Most cards are either original or generic, though I did use the PSYCHOMETRICS effect from Geektopia’s Quinlan Vos deck. The result is a top tier sluggo that can go one on one with anyone.

Martian Manhunter PDF

Martian Manhunter: 21 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

3x SHAPESHIFTER: A3/D3 You may discard a Basic Combat card to add its attack and defend values to this card. Draw a card.

2x PSIONIC STRIKE: A8 The defending character must choose and discard 2 cards.

4x PSIONIC ATTACK: A4 Add 1 to the attack value of this card for each card the defender has discarded this turn because of your card effects.

2x PSIONIC DEFENSE: D12 Draw 3 cards.

2x MIND READER: Choose an opponent to reveal their hand, except for two cards. Choose two of the revealed cards for your opponent to discard.

2x MARTIAN GHOST:  Move Martian Manhunter up to 6 spaces. He may move through enemies and obstacles but must land on an unoccupied space. Each enemy moved through takes 2 damage.

martian 1

Theme: An alien with weird and powerful abilities.

Strengths: Forces discards, high damage and defense, high hit points, good movement card.

Weaknesses: Only good drawing power is a critical defense card, only good movement card is also a key direct damage card, cards need to be played in proper order.

Complexity – Moderate: Martian Manhunter may not seem complex, but he requires patience and experience to pull off effectively.


Playing as Martian Manhunter: The big key to playing Martian Manhunter is getting the most of your PSIONIC ATTACK cards. Four A4s isn’t much, but four A6s is more than most people can handle. Using PSIONIC STRIKE or MIND READER whenever you get them instead of having a PSIONIC ATTACK to follow up with is a common mistake I’ve seen with this deck, so try to avoid that. You’ll want to stockpile early: J’onn’s card drawing ability is only average and he needs his PSIONIC ATTACKS to pull his weight.

Playing Against Martian Manhunter: Martian Manhunter is not a particularly fun deck to go up against, since he forces discards to set up big attacks. Your one big advantage is that you can expect PSIONIC STRIKE to be played on the first action, so prepare defense cards accordingly. J’onn is a great choice to target with direct damage or forced discard cards, if you have them. Also, beware of MARTIAN GHOST and try not to give him an opportunity to damage multiple teammates.

Martian 2.jpg


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