Vic Stone is a fairly unique superhero in DC Comics, as very few of them are technology based. He’s equally at home with the Teen Titans or the Justice League, and definitely had to be one of my strongest ranged decks. I borrowed some cards from Geektopia’s IG-88 and 4-LOM decks, which are based on cards by PD Magnus and Docmogs. But a lot of the cards were based on things Cyborg does in the Injustice video games.

Cyborg PDF

Cyborg: 17 Hit Points, Ranged, Orange Deck

3x WHITE NOISE CANNON: A4 If this attack does damage, the defending character takes 2 additional damage.

3x GRAPPLE ARM: Move Cyborg adjacent to any character, or move any character adjacent to Cyborg. Draw a card.

2x PULSE CANNON: A10 Decrease the attack value of this card by 1 for each space between Cyborg and the target.

2x JACKHAMMER ARM: A7 This card must be played face up and can only be played against an adjacent opponent. Draw a card.

2x MISSILE LAUNCH: Cyborg deals 3 damage to all enemy characters he can attack.

2x SELF-REPAIR: Cyborg heals 4 damage. Draw 2 cards.

1x ARSENAL UNLEASHED: A8 You must discard a card. If you cannot discard a card, discard this card without dealing damage.

Cyborg 2

Theme: A powerful shooter with a great melee game.

Strengths: Lots of damage output, great movement, solid drawing power, potentially high staying power.

Weaknesses: Lacks power defense, telegraphs his big attacks.

Complexity – Intermediate: Cyborg’s attack cards have unusual mechanics that take some getting used to.

Path to Victory: GRAPPLE ARM followed by JACKHAMMER ARM or PULSE CANNON.

Playing as Cyborg: Cyborg may be a ranged character, but he’s actually most effective up close, when he can make full use of PULSE CANNON. This puts him in a class above most other shooters, who are scared to get physical. But it’s also risky against true melee characters, who can usually take the hits with their Power Defense and hit hard against Cyborg’s lack of it. Rushing in early will get you killed. Stay back and rack up damage with MISSILE LAUNCH and WHITE NOISE CANNON until you get at least one SELF-REPAIR before tugging on Superman’s cape.

Playing Against Cyborg: You aren’t safe up close. If you’re a melee character and you’re ready to fight, be prepared to get hit back hard. He’s surprisingly fragile though, so as long as you focus on him you should be fine. In a team up game, you might want to make him an early target: he’s a very effective cleaner.

Cyborg 1


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