Barbara Gordon is one of my personal favorite comic book characters. Trying to build a deck for that didn’t feel like a Batman rip-off but still felt correct for her was difficult. Building her deck around different types of Batarangs was the key. Geektopia’s Aayla Secura (based on ideas by Rich Pizor) served as a loose template but ultimately I didn’t keep much of it except for ILLUSORY STRIKE.

Batgirl PDF

Batgirl: 16 Hit Points, Melee, Purple Deck

3x FLASH BATARANG: A0 Playing this card does not count as an action. Draw a card.

3x RAZOR BATARANG: A4 After combat is resolved, you may attack again with this card, once. Then discard this card.

3x ORACLE: Choose and opponent to reveal their hand and discard 2 cards of your choice.

2x BAT-BOLAS: Choose a character Batgirl could attack at range. That character may not defend Batgirl’s next attack card played against them.

2x RECKLESS: Move Batgirl adjacent to a character she could attack at range. You may attack that character without using an action.

2x COMMISSIONER’S DAUGHTER: A6/D6 If played as an attack, you move Batgirl up to 6 spaces. If played as defense, draw 2 cards.

Batgirl 1

Theme: A resourceful fighter who whittles away at an enemy’s defense.

Strengths: Lots of free actions, ability to see and discard opponents’ cards, BAT-BOLAS.

Weaknesses: Very mediocre damage output and staying power.

Complexity – Simple: Batgirl’s game is pretty direct, and if the cards go her way, she can do a lot of damage in very little time.

Path to Victory: Get rid of defense cards with FLASH BATARANG and ORACLE, BAT BOLAS + RECKLESS followed by 5/1, RAZOR BATARANGS or COMMISSIONER’S DAUGHTER

Playing as Batgirl: Batgirl is a character that needs to stay on the offensive and play for the long haul, but she doesn’t have a lot of staying power. If you’re lucky, you can use ORACLE early and often to get rid of your opponent’s best cards. FLASH BATARANGS will get your opponent to either use up defense cards or trick them into leaving themselves open for other attacks. COMMISSIONER’S DAUGHTER may be Barbara’s best attack card, but it’s also a vital defense card. Unless you can set it up with BAT BOLAS, save it for defense.

Playing Against Batgirl: You are likely going to end up losing or wasting cards early on; her Batarang cards are both likely to run through your best defense cards, and ORACLE can wreck your plans. Remember that she only has three FLASH BATARANGS: don’t get duped into taking 4 or 6 damage without offering defense. Defensively, she’s quite weak, so as long as you can hit her back you’ll be fine.

Batgirl 2

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