Poison Ivy

An iconic Batman villain, the seductive Poison Ivy is a deck that went through several versions before settling on this version. The basic idea of mind control was always there, but it took some fine tuning to make it viable. This version is really fun to play with and annoying to play against, and pairs well with just about anyone. I like to run it alongside Harley Quinn for some fun combos.

Poison Ivy PDF

Poison Ivy: 16 Hit Points, Melee, Purple Deck

4x NONE CAN RESIST: A3 Place this card on the defender’s Life Card. While NONE CAN RESIST is on a Life Card, Poison Ivy decides where that character moves with their move action, if they choose to move.

2x KISS OF DEATH: Choose a character with NONE CAN RESIST on their Life Card. Discard that card, and that character takes 4 damage.

2x SUGGESTIVE POWER: Choose a character with NONE CAN RESIST on their Life Card. Discard that card. That character reveals their hand to you, and must attack an ally character of your choice with a card of your choice.

2x PHEROMONE SPORE: Until the end of Poison Ivy’s next turn, you may play NONE CAN RESIST face up against any enemy character. It cannot be defended.

2x CRUSHING VINE: A5 The defending character loses 1 action on their next turn.

2x THORN BUSHES: A4 Until the end of your next turn, all spaces adjacent to Poison Ivy are Thorn Bushes. Enemies who start in, move through, or end movement in Thorn Bushes take 2 damage.

1x OVERGROWTH: A7/D7 Draw 2 cards.

Ivy 2

Theme: Mind control enemies, and some plant based offense.

Strengths: Impressive direct damage, can control movement and make enemies attack each other, solid attack power.

Weaknesses: Poor defense, struggles to do damage without NONE CAN RESIST, significantly less powerful in late game.

Complexity – Advanced: Ivy’s a resource management deck with weird mechanics, and I don’t recommend using it until all players are comfortable with the game.


Playing as Poison Ivy: While it may be tempting to keep your enemies away from you once you have NONE CAN RESIST on them, you won’t win the game unless you can get in close. Use that movement control to send opponents through your Thorn Bushes: it’s easy to rack up 4-6 direct damage like this. OVERGROWTH should probably be saved for defense.

Playing Against Poison Ivy: Remember that you do not have to move; Poison Ivy needs to get in close to kill you and when she gets in, you can stay put and hit her hard. Her defenses are pretty pathetic really. Ivy is mostly harmless unless she gets PHEROMONE SPORE to get those NONE CAN RESIST cards on you from anywhere, but once she gets her game in motion she becomes extremely annoying to fight.

Ivy 1


6 thoughts on “Poison Ivy

  1. For NONE CAN RESIST it says, “Poison Ivy decides where that character moves with their move action, if they choose to move.” So if I have it on my character after rolling the die I can just choose to not move and then continue my turn like normal right? In which case, I can’t see how it can combo with THORN BUSHES because no one would let the Poison Ivy player move them while that card is out.

    Also about NONE CAN RESIST, but if Poison Ivy dies and characters still have her card on them then they can’t move for the rest of the duel (except with Special cards)?


    1. This is a very old deck, and I’d like to revisit it with some of my revised takes on how to do mind control (see: Enchantress from Marvel). THORN BUSHES isn’t really meant to combo so much as it racks up high direct damage after the attack (At least 2 and often 4, because the opponent starts in the bushes [2 damage] and frequently moves out of them [another 2]) and deters them from coming after her.

      I probably will come back to this one and redo it sooner than later. It’s never quite satisfied me.

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