The Penguin

Oswald Cobblepot is a villain that may be comical to some, but to those who’ve read comics, they know the Penguin is more than just an ornithological nut who loves umbrellas. He’s a sadistic crime boss who runs Gotham’s underworld with an iron fist. The deck has quite a few inspirations: Mike Maloney’s Cad Bane deck and Geektopia’s Grand Moff Tarkin and Nute Gunray decks all contributed to this one.

Penguin PDF

The Penguin: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x BLACKMAIL: A2 The defending character reveals their hand to you. Choose one card. If this card is played or discarded, that character takes 3 damage.

3x EXTORTION: A3 Until the end of your next turn, each time the defending character draws a card, they take 1 damage.

3x COST OF BUSINESS: A2 The defending character chooses and discards a card, then draws a card. For each COST OF BUSINESS in your discard pile, they discard another card and draw another card.

2x THREATEN: A7 If this attack is defended, the attack value is 4.

2x PENGUIN’S CUT: Choose a player. That player discards up to 3 cards at random and then draws 3 cards. Draw 3 cards.

1x CRUELTY: A5 This card is played face up and cannot be defended. The opponent may discard up to 5 cards. The damage is reduced by 1 for each discarded card.

1x COWARDICE: D0 The Penguin takes no damage and moves to an unoccupied space. Discard your hand except for 1 card.

Penguin 1

Theme: A bully of a businessman who attacks an opponent’s resources.

Strengths: Potentially high direct damage, forces discards, prevents players from playing their best cards.

Weaknesses: Low staying power, poor damage output.

Complexity – Advanced: Penguin’s deck is obtuse and relies on clever strategy to maximize direct damage.

Path to Victory: CRUELTY followed by THREATEN, EXTORTION followed by COST OF BUSINESS or PENGUIN’S CUT.

Playing as Penguin: Penguin’s deck is tricky but really fun to see when it works. The key is knowing when to use your cards: BLACKMAIL and your first two COST OF BUSINESS cards should be used as soon as you can. Save the last COST OF BUSINESS for when you have an EXTORTION to rack up direct damage; PENGUIN’S CUT should be saved for this as well. If you’re lucky, PENGUIN’S CUT can easily do 6 damage; if you’re extremely lucky, you can get it to do 12 damage. Don’t believe me? Play CRUELTY to make players discard every cards except their BLACKMAIL affected cards, then follow up with the EXTORTION + PENGUIN’S CUT combo. It’s fun to be bad.

Playing Against Penguin: Be prepared to make some tough choices: Penguin loves to make you take damage for playing your best cards, and a lucky and clever Penguin player will get a ton of direct damage on you. Your best bet? Close in on him and clobber him – he’s only got one Power Defense card and it’s very costly.

Penguin 2


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