Calling Doomsday a character is generous, as he’s more of a plot device. But he’s an extremely powerful and important plot device who defeated Superman. Ultimately, I was intrigued by the prospect of making a character who was designed to emulate boss fights: Doomsday is strong enough to take on any two decks in the DC set, with the exception of maybe Darkseid and Superman working as a team.

Doomsday PDF

Doomsday: 23 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

4x PULVERIZE: A8 Choose and discard a card.

3x DEMOLISH: A5 All characters adjacent to Doomsday are targets of this attack and may defend.

3x RAMPAGE: Move Doomsday up to 6 spaces, ignoring enemies and obstacles. Doomsday must land on a valid space. Anyone Doomsday could attack during this movement takes 4 damage.

2x FLING: Move a character that Doomsday can attack up to 4 spaces. That character takes 3 damage.

2x UNSTOPPABLE: D10 The attacking character may not attack Doomsday on their next turn, or make Doomsday the target of Special cards.

1x OBLITERATE: A13 Discard your hand. Doomsday loses an action on his next turn.

Doomsday 1

Theme: Create the ultimate force of unstoppable destruction.

Strengths: Absurdly powerful attacks, great board control, potential great defense

Weaknesses: Discards his own cards, no drawing power

Complexity – Simple: Just point him in a direction and watch him wreak havoc.

Path to Victory: Existing

Playing as Doomsday: This deck is not designed for traditional 2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 1 play. Honestly, Doomsday can easily take on most decks in a 1 vs. 2 situation, and can even be viable in a 1 vs. 3 situation depending on the characters and players. Consider this a just for fun deck, something you bring out to switch things up and give your players a challenge. Remember that you can use FLING and RAMPAGE to set up DEMOLISH.

Playing Against Doomsday: One on one, you’re hopelessly outmatched, so teamwork is the name of the game. Having one character who specializes in resource denial really helps, as Doomsday has no drawing power and has to discard cards to do real damage. It also doesn’t hurt to have a tank character who can absorb a lot of heavy hits for the team, and your own offensive beast to take advantage of his usually poor defenses.

Doomsday Feature

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