Zatanna Zatara is one of the more famous magicians in comics – while not quite an A-Lister, she’s an exceptionally popular tertiary character. While being a “leggy dame in nylons” certainly plays a large part of the that, her effervescent charm, stage magician pomp and extremely powerful magic helps out too. Geektopia’s innovative Bultar Swan deck makes up the core of this deck, which is stylized in Zatanna’s signature Backwards Magic but translated for ease here.

Zatanna PDF

Zatanna: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Orange Deck

3x LIGHTNING BOLT: A4 The defending character discards a card at random.

3x NOW YOU SEE ME: Remove Zatanna from the board. While off the board, Zatanna may not attack or play Special cards. Place three markers in unoccupied spaces. At the beginning of Zatanna’s next turn, place her on one of the chosen spaces.

2x FIRE BALL: A6 Any characters in the line of fire are also targets of this attack and may defend.

2x ENERGY BUBBLE: Zatanna does 2 damage to all adjacent enemies. Zatanna cannot take damage until the start of her next turn.

2x MAGIC RINGS: D0 Zatanna switches spaces with another character of your choice. That character becomes the target of the attack and may defend as normal.

1x CARD TRICK: Draw 5 cards. For each space Zatanna has moved this turn, draw 1 less card.

1x SMOKE TRICK: All enemy characters adjacent to Zatanna take 5 damage. Reduce this damage by 1 point for each space Zatanna has moved this turn.

1x HAT TRICK: A8 You must play this card against an adjacent enemy. Reduce the attack value of this card by 1 for each space Zatanna has moved this turn.

Zatanna 1

Theme: Disappearing act and classic wizard spells

Strengths: Unique and excellent movement options, amazing board control, strong ranged attacks, can force opponents to take damage for her, good defense.

Weaknesses: Low hit points, moderate drawing power, has to manage her hand.

Complexity – Advanced: Zatanna’s movement is complex and likely to frustrate new players who are fighting her, so wait a bit before using her.


Playing as Zatanna: Despite her low hit points, Zatanna has a strong overall game. While the NOW YOU SEE ME mechanic and her three big TRICK cards are the flashiest bits, don’t underestimate the efficiency of LIGHTNING BOLT’s forced discarding or a well placed FIRE BALL. ENERGY BUBBLE and MAGIC RINGS help keep her alive longer, and the latter can set up your HAT TRICK just as easily as NOW YOU SEE ME.

Playing Against Zatanna: You’re never quite safe when Zatanna’s on the board, thanks to her ability to teleport anywhere. However, unless she gets CARD TRICK early on, she’s likely to play a bit of keep away to find the cards she needs. Also, remember that you can move away from Zatanna’s teleportation spaces before she lands there, nullifying HAT TRICK.

Zatanna 2

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