Huntress has been a fixture of DC comics for years, though not always the same Huntress. The original is Helena Wayne, daughter of Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman, while the Huntress from the 1990s is Helena Bertenelli and one of the founding members of the Birds of Prey. Both versions have their upsides, and both like to shoot down their targets with crossbows, so this deck works with whichever version you associate with the name.

Huntress PDF

Huntress: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x BIRD OF PREY: A4 You may discard up to two Power Combat cards to add their attack values and effects to this card, not including BIRD OF PREY.

2x PARALYZING POISON: A1 The defender cannot move on their next turn. Draw a card.

2x HEAVY BOLTS: A2 The defender must discard a card at random.

2x AUTOMATIC FIRE: A0 Playing this card does not count as an action.

2x EARTH 2 SURVIVOR: A6 Draw 2 cards. If this card is discarded by the effect of BIRD OF PREY, no other card may be discarded.

2x DUAL CROSSBOWS: A2 You may search your discard pile for a BIRD OF PREY card and put it into your hand.

2x DEDICATION: Move Huntress up to 5 spaces. You may search your draw pile for a BIRD OF PREY and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your draw pile.

Huntress 2

Theme: Specialized, flexible attacks for any target

Strengths: Versatile attacks, potential high damage free actions, potential big damage for a ranged character

Weaknesses: Little staying power, hast to discard multiple cards to get the best out of attacks.

Complexity – Moderate: Learning which attacks to pair with BIRD OF PREY and when takes some practice


Playing as Huntress: Huntress is actually more versatile than she may seem. The small Power Combat cards are designed to boost BIRD OF PREY, but they have useful effects even if you don’t draw those cards. Using PARALYZING POISON or EARTH 2 SURVIVOR by themselves to draw cards until you find BIRD OF PREY is a perfectly good option. She likely won’t stick around long so make those rounds count.

Playing Against Huntress: Huntress is susceptible to forced discards more than most, as BIRD OF PREY is designed to make otherwise weaker cards into lethal combos. She may hit hard, but she has no defense to brag about and that can hinder her game before she gets what she needs to fire back.

Huntress 1

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