Professor Xavier may be the X-Men’s teacher, but Cyclops is their leader. With a mutation that constantly sends a beam of concussive force through his eyes, Scott Summers has the potential to deal massive amount of damage if not for his ruby quartz glasses holding the beam at bay. But Cyclops is far more than his mutant power: he’s one of the best tactical strategists in the Marvel universe, and the X-Men are far more effective when he’s calling the shots.

Cyclops PDF

Cyclops: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x BLAST ON THE RUN: A4 After attacking, move Cyclops up to 4 spaces.

3x BATTLEFIELD LEADER: Choose an allied character. That character attacks a character of your choice that they can attack. Both Cyclops and the chosen ally draw a card.

2x FOLLOW MY LEAD: A5 Until the start of Cyclops’ next turn, any attacks against the defending character have their attack values increased by 1.

2x OPTIC SLAM: A7 The defending character cannot draw cards on their next turn.

2x OPTIC FLURRY: All enemy characters Cyclops can attack take 2 damage. Move Cyclops up to 4 spaces.

2x TACTICIAN: Divide 10 spaces of movement between Cyclops and allied characters. Draw 2 cards.

1x OPTIC OVERLOAD: A10 Cyclops and the defending character each discard 3 cards.

Scott 1

Theme: A field commander with a powerful ranged attacks.

Strengths: Great team movement, boosts his allies attacks, solid resource denial

Weaknesses: Lack of power defense, yellow deck and low hit points makes him quite fragile

Complexity – Moderate: Cyclops has to have a team to be effective.


Playing as Cyclops: This is a more tactical deck: you’ll want to stay back and pick your shots for when you can make them count, using your utility cards to boost your teammates’ abilities. FOLLOW MY LEAD is an extremely potent card when played at the right time and can be combined with Scott’s other cards, including BATTLEFIELD LEADER. OPTIC SLAM and OPTIC OVERLOAD can be devastating tide turning attacks, but be selective about putting Scott in danger: he’s as fragile as he is dangerous.

Playing Against Cyclops: Scott makes his teammates infinitely more dangerous by improving mobility, boosting their attacks and giving them extra attacks. He’s also no pushover when it comes to offense, as his big attacks are also major resource denial cards. If you can take him out early with a ranged character, you may want to go for it before his whole team overwhelms you.

Cyclops 2

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