Midnight Sons Expansion

Some corners of the Marvel Universe are darker than others, filled with mystic sorcerers, powerful demons, bloodthirsty monsters, and interdimensional eldritch horrors. If that’s your favorite flavor of comic adventure, you’ve come to the right spot.


Doctor Strange

Ghost Rider



Moon Knight





6 thoughts on “Midnight Sons Expansion

  1. This project is awesome. Me and a a few friends have played several games and had a blast. The only disappointment we had was the lack of Guardians and Wanda Vision.

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    1. The Guardians of the Galaxy have made their way to Epic Dueling Comics! I hope you have fun playing them. Vision and Scarlet Witch will make their way sooner than later.


    1. Hey Elijah. I just wanted to let you know that both Wanda and Vision have been uploaded to the site, and I hope you enjoy their designs!


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