Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius may be the purest dark reflection of Peter Parker: a scientific genius who is bullied to the point that he uses his knowledge to become a criminal mastermind. They even named him after a different eight-legged animal in case you missed the analogy. Whether it’s the comics, movies or video games, Doctor Octopus has cemented himself as a truly great bad guy, and his four arms are an iconic piece of comics tech. I drew clear inspiration from Geektopia’s General Grievous deck, running with the four arms concept and expanding it into a complete deck.

Doctor Octopus PDF

Doctor Octopus: 16 Hit Points, Melee, Blue Deck

MECHANICAL ARMS [Special Rules Card]: Doctor Octopus has 4 mechanical arms. When he takes 4 damage, he loses an arm.

4x QUADRUPLE TROUBLE: A2/D2 Multiply the attack and defend values by the number of arms Doctor Octopus currently has.

2x MULTI-TASKING: A5 Doctor Octopus may target a number of enemy characters equal to the number of arms he has with this attack.

2x EXTENDED REACH: Choose an enemy character Doctor Octopus could attack at range and move them adjacent to Doc Ock. That character takes 1 damage for each arm Doctor Octopus has.

2x SUPERIOR MOVEMENT: Move Doctor Octopus up to 2 spaces for each arm he has. Then draw a card.

2x MISUNDERSTOOD GENIUS: Draw a card for each arm Doctor Octopus has.

2x MAD SCIENTIST: Doctor Octopus heals 4 damage, and may regain a lost arm.

1x SUPERIOR FOE: A3/D3 Multiply the attack and defend values of this card by the number of arms Doctor Octopus has.

Ock 2

Theme: Four mechanical arms that make Doc Ock more than human.

Strengths: Very strong early game, good offense and defense, good drawing ability, good movement.

Weaknesses: Gets much weaker as the game goes along, low hit points for a Blue Deck

Complexity – Moderate: All of Doc Ock’s Special cards revolve around his arms, so he takes a bit of keeping track.

Path to Victory: QUADRUPLE TROUBLE or SUPERIOR FOE early on

Playing as Doctor Octopus: Doc Ock is designed to win in the short term: he has great offense, defense, card drawing ability, movement and direct damage early on. The problem is that his offense is also his only defense, which means he tends to take damage quickly. Unless he can use MAD SCIENTIST to repair his hit points and get his arms back, he’ll be in trouble when the game goes long. That said, with the right combination of cards, he can mobilize and do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Playing Against Doctor Octopus: Keep on the offensive. Doc Ock is relatively fragile, and he’ll be reluctant to use power defense since those are all his best attacking cards as well. If Ock is lucky with his early draws, he can seem overwhelming, but he becomes much less strong as the game goes along. Just hold on tight until the opportunity to hit him back knocks.

Ock 1

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