Doctor Strange

The brain surgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme is perhaps Marvel’s most unusual hero. Defending us from magical and inter-dimensional threats, Doctor Stephen Strange is both brilliant and a bit eccentric. He’s also absurdly powerful, with a spell for almost any occasion and a collection of magic items. With such an unusual character, I wanted to have an unusual deck design revolving around Special cards instead of Power Combat cards. I recently redesigned this deck a bit to give it some more flavor with the spells and make it feel a little more like spellcasting.

Doctor Strange PDF

Doctor Strange: 17 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

3x BOLTS OF BALTHAKK: Choose an enemy character Doctor Strange can attack at range to take 4 damage. Draw a card.

3x WANDS OF WATOOMB: Place this card on Doctor Strange’s Life Card. You may remove this card after a Doctor Strange Basic Combat card is played to increase it’s values by 3.

2x EYE OF AGAMOTTO: Choose an enemy character to reveal their hand to you and discard a card of your choice.

2x CLOAK OF LEVITATION: Until the end of your next turn, Doctor Strange may move through opponents and occupy obstacle spaces. He must land on an unoccupied space at the end of his next turn. Move Doctor Strange up to 4 spaces.

2x BANDS OF CYTTORAK: Place this on an enemy character’s Life Card. That character cannot move, attack or defend. They may discard 3 cards to remove this card.

1x IMAGES OF IKONN: Remove Doctor Strange from the board. Place 4 Doctor Strange Tokens on the board. They may each attack with Doctor Strange’s cards and are destroyed if attacked. When all but one are destroyed, place Doctor Strange on that space.

1x BOOK OF THE VISHANTI: Search your draw pile for any 3 Special cards and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

1x SORCERER SUPREME: Until the end of this turn, playing Special cards does not count as an action.

Strange 1

Theme: A pure spellcaster who buffs himself and debuffs enemies.

Strengths: Direct damage and resource denial, good movement, decent defense, potential for a turn with an insane number of actions

Weaknesses: Moderate offense, lacks big defense cards so staying power can be limited

Complexity – Advanced: The lack of traditional offense and defense and weird card effects means that Doctor Strange is going to be a deck for players who are familiar with the game.


Playing as Doctor Strange: Strange is really more of a supporting player, staying in the background and causing havoc with his resource denial and direct damage game. WANDS OF WATOOMB are necessary if you want to step up for melee combat, as they help boost his defense. Note that they can stack, so you can get an A10 or a D11 if you need it. BOOK OF THE VISHANTI and SORCERER SUPREME are both absolute game changers, especially if you can use one to play the other.

Playing Against Doctor Strange: Strange’s biggest weakness is his lack of staying power, as even with a Green Deck he’ll have trouble surviving hyper offense decks. Be prepared for direct damage and to have to discard cards, but don’t sleep on Strange. If he gets BOOK OF THE VISHANTI or SORCERER SUPREME, his average support deck can become the stuff of nightmares.

Strange 2

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