Taskmaster isn’t a major Marvel villain, but he is a super cool one who will hopefully get a bit more of a following if we ever get to see the Black Widow movie. He’s a mercenary that specializes in training armies of goons for other, more ambitious enemies. But the really cool thing is that he is an excellent mimic who is able to copy the fighting styles of others. Those abilities suggested a very fun and unique deck.

Taskmaster PDF

Taskmaster: 17 Hit Points, Ranged, Orange Deck

4x PERFECT MIMIC: Choose a Power Combat card in any player’s discard pile and put it into your hand. Taskmaster may play this card as if it were his own.

3x THOROUGH SCOUTING: A4 The defending player must reveal their hand to you and discard a card of your choice. They may not draw cards on their next turn.

3x APPLIED TACTICS: A6 Play this card face up. If you have seen the defending character’s entire hand, you may choose the card they defend with, if any is available.

2x YOU CAN DO BETTER: D5 If there is a copy of the attack card this card defends in a discard pile, or if you have seen the opponent’s entire hand, you may discard the attack without effect.

2x TEACHER FOR HIRE: Place a Power Combat card from your hand and place it in an ally’s hand. Then draw 2 cards. That character may use that card as if they were Taskmaster.  You may use an action to discard this card and draw 3 cards.

1x SUPREME FIGHTER: A6 You may discard two cards belonging to another character from your hand to make the attack value of this card 10.

Taskmaster 1

Theme: Scout your enemies and use their best cards against them.

Strengths: Can use other players’ best cards, good resource denial, decent damage

Weaknesses: Moderate staying power

Complexity – Advanced: Since you could be playing cards from any deck, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with those decks.


Playing as Taskmaster: Taskmaster’s signature trick is being able to take an opponent’s best cards and use them against them. But it’s far from his only trick, as his bread and butter combo of THOROUGH SCOUTING + APPLIED TACTICS exerts a great amount of control over opponents and can rack up a lot of damage. TEACHER FOR HIRE can be useful to give an opponent a card they’re well set up to use, but is often better used for drawing power.

Playing Against Taskmaster: You’ll probably be dealing with some of your best cards being used against you, so prepare for that. Even without stealing your cards, Taskmaster is a dangerous foe with good attacks and resource denial. He’s frustrating to deal with, but as long as he doesn’t steal your Power Defense he’s not that hard to take out either.

Taskmaster 2

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