Elektra is one of my favorite archetypes in combat, the ninja assassin. Introduced in the 1980s as a one-off romantic interest for Daredevil and morally complex anti-villain, Elektra proved popular enough to come back from the dead, star in her own comics and become an institution in her own right. Occasionally leaning more towards being a bad guy by leading the Hand, she’s still potentially an ally to the people she cares about. Geektopia’s underrated Adi Gallia & Stass Allie deck provided fitting cards for this character.

Elektra PDF

Elektra: 16 Hit Points, Melee, Purple Deck

3x PIERCING SAI STRIKE: A4 The defending player loses 1 action on their next turn.

3x SHADOW IN THE NIGHT: Move Elektra up to 5 spaces. If she lands adjacent to an enemy character, that character takes 2 damage. If not, draw a card.

2x DISARMING SLASH: A6 The defending player cannot draw cards on their next turn.

2x SAI THROW: Playing this card does not count as an action. Choose a character Elektra could attack at range and make an attack against them. Then draw a card.

2x MEDITATION: Heal 3 damage. Draw a card.

1x THE HAND’S REACH: Draw five cards. Keep one in your hand, place any number on the bottom of your draw pile, then place the remaining cards on top of your draw pile in any order.

1x MESMERIZE: D4 If the attack does damage, the opponent must discard a card for each point of damage.

1x MASTER ASSASSIN: A5 After combat is resolved, MASTER ASSASSIN does 3 damage to the defending character.

Elektra 3

Theme: A disarming, dedicated ninja fighter

Strengths: Action and resource denial, direct damage, solid drawing power, healing and movement

Weaknesses: Low staying power, low overall damage output

Complexity – Simple: Nothing super complicated here


Playing as Elektra: Elektra is more of a low tier deck due to her low hit points and low offense. But her direct damage and resource denial can make her a good second player to someone with good offense who can capitalize on the opportunities she creates. MASTER ASSASSIN is a particularly vicious card, as it cuts right through even the most potent defenses. Don’t be afraid to use MESMERIZE as a kamikaze defense to set things up for your partner, or possibly set up a killing blow for yourself.

Playing Against Elektra: Unless you’re playing characters with low hit points and poor defenses, Elektra is not usually much a threat in terms of damage output. Where she gets you is in action denial and taking away your cards. It’s also tricky to hit her with big attacks as MESMERIZE can really set you back even if you destroy her. If you think she has it, it might be best to try direct damage instead.

Elektra 2

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