Blade was originally just a pretty normal guy who dedicated himself to hunting vampires, showing up in Marvel’s horror comics but not making a huge splash. But thanks to the 1990’s Spider-Man animated series changing his origin to make him a dhampir (a half vampire), Blade was unique, interesting and obscure enough to get an R-Rated movie series that was pretty much perfectly timed. In fact, I’m sure some of you didn’t even know Blade was a Marvel hero. Fortunately, the comics version took the right influences from the movies and Blade has carved out a nice cult following and has even joined the Avengers.

Blade PDF

Blade: 18 Hit Points, Ranged, Orange Deck

3x VAMPIRE HUNTER: A4 If Blade is adjacent to the defending character, the attack value is 6. If not, move him adjacent to the defending character.

3x THE DAYWALKER: Move Blade up to five spaces. Gain 1 action.

2x SWORDS IN THE NIGHT: All enemy characters adjacent to Blade take 4 damage. No affected character may draw cards on their next turn.

2x THROWING KNIVES: Deal 2 damage to each enemy character Blade can attack. Each affected character discards one card at random.

2x HIGH STAKES: A5 If this attack does damage, double the damage.

2x BLOOD DEBT: D3 The next time Blade attacks the attacking character, add the amount of damage he takes from this combat to the attack value of Blade’s attack card.

1x DHAMPIR BLOOD: A8 If Blade is adjacent to the defending character, he heals damage equal to the damage dealt. If he is not adjacent, draw 1 card for each point of damage dealt.

Theme: A ruthless hunter who shoots stakes and impales foes

Strengths: Potential for huge attack bonuses, great movement, powerful attacks,

Weaknesses: Poor defense leads to overall low staying power, minimal drawing power

Complexity – Moderate: Blade’s someone who has high risk/high reward play


Playing as Blade: He may be a ranged character, but as you may have guessed from the name, Blade is very comfortable in melee and wants to get up close so he can deal more damage with his swords. THE DAYWALKER and VAMPIRE HUNTER facilitate that, and SWORDS IN THE NIGHT and VAMPIRE HUNTER’s up close effect make him scary up close. You’ll also definitely want to make good use of BLOOD DEBT; you want to use it sooner than later because it doesn’t have a high defense value. But if you can get a huge bonus off of it, Blade becomes an absolute monster; if you can take four or five damage from that, a follow HIGH STAKES becomes the most brutal attack in the game.

Playing Against Blade: Blade’s kind of a tough character to figure out. He’s ranged, but he wants to get up close and stab you to death. He doesn’t have a lot of defense, but he also wants you to do big damage to him so he can get a huge boost from BLOOD DEBT. It’s definitely a good idea to do damage and put him down quick, as he has plenty of other ways to hurt you. But if he’s putting himself in situations where you can attack him, you might want to be judicious about the attacks you launch at him. If you can avoid giving him too much from BLOOD DEBT, you should be able to manage.

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