The assassin known as Bullseye might not be the most famous or powerful villain in comics, but few have caused more pain. Possessing uncanny, almost supernatural accuracy, he’s also obsessed with Daredevil and aims to make his life as painful as possible. His claim to fame is killing Elektra, but that’s not the only love interest of Daredevil that Bullseye has put six under. In Marvel Epic Duels, he fills the void of lower tier ranged fighter that can still deal brutal damage in the right circumstances.

Bullseye PDF

Bullseye: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x PREPERATION: Move Bullseye into an empty space where he can attack an enemy character. Draw a card.

3x ANTICIPATION: A4 The defending player must reveal their hand to Bullseye’s player. Remove a card of your choice from their hand, but do not discard it.

3x EXECUTION: Return a card that was removed from a player’s hand to their hand. That player’s character takes 3 damage.

2x TAKING YOU WITH ME: D5 The attacking character takes 2 damage.

2x ASSASSIN FOR HIRE: A7 Draw 2 cards. If the defending character is destroyed, draw 3 cards.

1x RUTHLESS TAUNTING: Until the start of your next turn, your opponents cannot deal damage to any of your allied characters.

1x PERFECT AIM: A5 If this attack does damage, the defending character takes 5 additional damage. If this card does not do damage, return it to your hand.

Theme: A marksman who studies his targets and then takes them out

Strengths: Can remove cards from play, very high direct damage, good mobility, decent drawing power

Weaknesses: Very low staying power

Complexity – Simple: Deal out lots damage


Playing as Bullseye: Bullseye is great at getting into position, attacking, and then piling up direct damage with EXECUTION or PERFECT AIM, which you’ll get many chances to use. But Bullsye is here for a good time, not for a long time. He’s not generally going to last very long when tough opponents close in, and RUTHLESS TAUNTING and TAKING YOU WITH ME encourages this burn bright and then die mentality.

Playing Against Bullseye: Bullseye players are typically those who are most concerned with offensive power at the cost of staying power. EXECUTION can hit you hard when you don’t expect it, and even when you hit him back he might hit you with TAKING YOU WITH ME for more damage. You also always have to be careful of PERFECT AIM: even if you defend it with a D4, you’re still taking massive damage.

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