While most superheroes are content having a rogues gallery of super villains, Doctor Strange’s list of enemies mostly includes interdimensional beings of immense, godlike power. Case in point: Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension and one of the most powerful magic users in Marvel. Obviously portraying the Dread One at his full power would be beyond the scope of Epic Duels, but having one of his avatars on Earth, where his magic is a bit limited, seems like a more fair fight. This deck came together when I saw Sophist’s really cool White Walkers deck from his Game of Thrones set.

Dormammu PDF

Dormammu: 18 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

MINDLESS ONES [Special Rules Card]: Start the game with 2 Mindless Ones adjacent to Dormammu. They have 1 Hit Point and may attack with Dormammu’s basic combat cards. When one is destroyed, place its token on the Mindless Ones tracker.

4x FALTINE FLAMES: A4/D4 Add 1 to the values of this card for each Mindless One that has been destroyed.

3x MANY BECOME ONE: Move all Mindless Ones adjacent to an enemy character. Then all enemy characters take 1 damage for each Mindless One adjacent to them.

2x MINDLESS ARMY: Place 4 Mindless Ones on the board adjacent to Dormammu. They have 1 Hit Point each and may attack with Dormammu’s Basic Combat Cards.

2x NECESSARY SACRIFICE: Destroy a Mindless One and return a Special Card from your discard pile to your hand.

2x THE DREAD ONE: A6 If this attack is defended against, the defending character may not defend again this turn.

1x INFINITE POWER: Draw a card for each Mindless One that has been destroyed.

1x DARK DIMENSION: Place this card on Dormammu’s Life Card. As long as this card is on Dormammu’s Life Card, place Basic Combat Cards on the bottom of the draw pile when they are used.

Theme: Mindless Ones serve Dormammu and increase his strength

Strengths: Swarms enemies with loads of disposable minions, direct damage, recycles his cards, defense and offense increases as the game goes along

Weaknesses: Weaker in the early game, lacks movement, card drawing power is situational

Complexity – Moderate: The Mindless Ones add a lot of bookkeeping and his abilities break a lot of rules.

Path to Victory: Destroy Mindless Ones, then THE DREAD ONE + FALTINE FLAMES

Playing as Dormammu: The Dread One wants to stay back in the early game, get as many Mindless Ones on the board as he can to power up FALTINE FLAMES in the late game. Note that the Mindless Ones tracker CANNOT exceed 10, meaning FALTINE FLAMES caps at 14 even if you use NECESSARY SACRIFICE to get MINDLESS ARMY back and get more of them on the field. That’s more than enough to get the job done.

Playing Against Dormammu: While he may not be as all powerful as he is portrayed in the comics, Dormammu is still one of the most dangerous foes in Marvel Epic Duels. Mindless Ones absorb your attack cards and power him up when they die, but in most cases you can’t afford not to kill them if you want to make any progress. The best thing to do is resource denial and direct damage, hit him early before he has extremely powerful FALTINE FLAMES to throw at you, and avoid killing Mindless Ones when you can.

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