The Mighty Thor

Jane Foster was a dedicated nurse and longtime flame of Thor when he was banished to Midgard in the form of Dr. Donald Blake. But their lives changed radically when Jane developed breast cancer, and the Odinson became unworthy of his hammer and his title. Jane lifted Mjolnir and showed that she was completely worthy of being Thor, wielding it in ways the Odinson couldn’t imagine. Despite opposition from Odin (and a number of sour manbabies), Jane proved to be a formidable and worthy hero, ultimately sacrificing her life in the War of the Realms. These days, she’s kicking butt as a Valkyrie while the original Thor has his mantle back. But I was always going to have her presented as her own Thor.

The Mighty Thor PDF

The Mighty Thor: 18 Hit Points, Melee, Blue Deck

3x IF SHE BE WORTHY: A5 If you deal damage with this card, shuffle it into your draw pile.

3x MJOLNIR THROW: A4 Play face up anytime on your turn. Thor may attack at range with this card. If the defending character takes no damage, Thor may attack a second enemy with this card, wherever they are on the board.

2x DOCTOR JANE FOSTER: All allied characters adjacent to Thor recover 4 damage. Thor takes 2 damage for each character healed.

2x ASGARDIAN STORM: Choose a space Thor could attack at range. Any characters on or adjacent to that space takes 4 damage.

2x HAMMER CHARGE: A7 Play face up anytime on your turn. Move Thor up to six spaces. If she lands adjacent to an enemy character, she attacks them with this card. If she does not, shuffle this card into your draw pile.

2x FRIGGA’S SUCCOR: Place this card on Thor’s Life Card. Whenever you shuffle your draw pile, draw 1 card.

1x GODDESS OF THUNDER: A6 If you shuffled your draw pile this turn, the attack value of this card is 12.

Theme: Mjolnir keeps coming back to her hand

Strengths: Big attacks, heals allies, cards keep coming back to her, direct damage with multiple targets, good movement

Weaknesses: Telegraphs her big attacks, damages herself while healing allies, lacks power defense

Complexity – Simple: You’ll use the same cards early and often.


Playing as The Mighty Thor: The mechanical inspiration for this deck came from a few decks on the Epic Duels Discord that focused on shuffling cards back into the draw pile. I felt this did a good job of replicating Mjolnir quite nicely. So Jane wants to use IF SHE BE WORTHY as often as possible, especially if she can get one or both copies of FRIGGA’S SUCCOR into play. That card isn’t just a cute nod to Blood Rage; it makes her an incredibly efficient deck. You can even deliberately use HAMMER CHARGE just as a movement card to shuffle it into the deck and refill your hand. Be careful about when to heal your allies; Jane has good hit points and a blue deck, but lacks power defense.

Playing Against The Mighty Thor: This Thor isn’t quite the heavy hitter that Odinson is, but she’s quite effective in her own right. ASGARDIAN STORM and MJOLNIR THROW means that all enemies are in danger if one of them is in danger, and GODDESS OF THUNDER’s effect means you’ll want to be cautious every time she shuffles her deck as her first action. Choosing when to gamble your big defense cards to block this attack can be the difference between winning and losing. She’s less defensively minded than most Blue Decks, so try to take her out before she can take you out.

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