Kang the Conqueror

Kang was a pretty run of the mill (though very threatening) Avengers villain when he first showed up from the future, but Marvel quickly realized that having a time traveling villain meant they could take several of their other generic villains and retcon them all to be Kang. That’s tied him up in some pretty big storylines over the years. Though not called Kang yet, the character did debut in the Loki television series and is set to appear in the next Ant-Man movie. For a villain whose history is made up of shock reveals, I felt that a deck based around the idea of revealing his cards sounded thematic and fun.

Kang PDF

Kang: 18 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x THE CONQUEROR: A4 Whenever this card is revealed, draw a card, reveal it and put it into your hand.

3x TIME TRAVELER: A3/D3 Whenever this card is revealed, you may search your draw pile or discard pile for any card, reveal it and put it into your hand. If you searched your draw pile, shuffle it.

2x ULTRA-DIODE RAY: A6 Whenever this card is revealed, choose an opponent. That opponent cannot play Special cards until the end of their next turn.

2x BATTLE ARMOR: D7 Whenever this card is revealed, choose an enemy character to take 3 damage.

2x GENIUS INTELLECT: Whenever this card is revealed, draw 2 cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand.

1x IMMORTUS: Whenever this card is revealed, Kang heals 3 damage.

1x PHARAOH RAMA-TUT: Whenever this card is revealed, all enemy characters must discard a card at random and take 2 damage.

1x IRON LAD: A7 Whenever this card is revealed, Kang must reveal a card from his hand and discard it.

Theme: Reveals his plans and puts them in motion

Strengths: High defense, high direct damage, fantastic card draw, incredible flexibility in when he plays his cards,

Weaknesses: Mediocre attack power, telegraphs his tactics,

Complexity – Moderate: This deck is all about using combos to get direct damage


Playing as Kang: The key to this deck is knowing that revealed effects take place whenever the card is played or revealed by card effects (including an opponent’s). Since all of Kang’s unique cards trigger whenever they are revealed, you will have turns where the cards combo like crazy. THE CONQUEROR has a fair chance at healing Kang, dealing direct damage or drawing cards, and GENIUS INTELLECT can do that even more efficiently. TIME TRAVELER is an incredible flexible card, as it gives you access to any effect (twice) as long as you can attack someone.

Playing Against Kang: Kang always has the potential to do an insane number of things in a single turn due to how his cards work. If he lucks out the cards he reveals, he can go through almost every effect in his deck very quickly, and that spells a ton of direct damage for you. As such, you should always consider him one of the most dangerous decks in the game. It’s probably worth focusing on him before he unleashes his arsenal.

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