Corvus Glaive

The General of Thanos’ army and the husband of Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive is the leader of the Black Order and one of the last people you want to pick a fight with. For one, his Glaive is powerful enough to kill the likes of Wolverine and The Hulk. It also has the power to bring him back from the dead. Corvus seemed like the perfect character to re-use one of my favorite deck designs: the Kylo Ren deck that will be showing up in the 20 Year Anniversary Set.

Corvus Glaive PDF

Corvus Glaive: 18 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

4x THE BLACK ORDER: A5 Discard a card from your hand. Then remove a card from your discard pile from the game.

3x DEADLY TITHE: A6 If this attack deals damage, the defending character discards a card from their hand and removes it from the game.

2x ASSAULT TACTICS: Move Corvus Glaive and his allies up to 6 spaces. Resolve this card’s effect when it is removed from the game.

2x PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Draw 3 cards. Resolve this card’s effect when it is removed from the game.

2x REWARDED DEVOTION: Corvus Glaive and his allies each recover 3 hit points. Resolve this card’s effect when it is removed from the game.

1x ASSASSIN OF THANOS: A3 Add 1 to the Attack Value of this card for each card that is removed from the game.

1x IMMORTAL GLAIVE: A7/D7 Remove this card from the game. When another of your cards is removed from the game, shuffle this card into your draw pile.

Theme: A death-dealing general that takes cards out of the game

Strengths: Removes enemy cards from the game, heals and moves himself and his allies, good drawing power, IMMORTAL GLAIVE keeps being recycled

Weaknesses: Limited defensive power, lacks any big attacks until late in the game

Complexity – Moderate: Removing cards from the game and getting the most out of his combo cards can be some tricky mechanisms

Path to Victory: IMMORTAL GLAIVE over and over, finish with ASSASSIN OF THANOS

Playing as Corvus Glaive: Those familiar with Dominion and Ascension will immediately recognize the idea behind Glaive’s cards. Obviously, DEADLY TITHE has the value of potentially removing powerful cards from the game. But you may ask “Why do I want to remove my own cards?” Well, for one, six of them have effects that trigger a second time when they are removed. For two, IMMORTAL GLAIVE will recycle itself back into his deck every time, giving you consistent combat power. If the game goes long enough to reshuffle your draw pile, you’ll notice that you get to your stronger cards much faster the second go around. And oh yeah: ASSASSIN OF THANOS gets an obvious attack boost.

Playing Against Corvus Glaive: You’ll probably want a character with power defense to prevent Corvus Glaive from removing your cards from the game with DEADLY TITHE. Corvus also adds extra healing and movement to his team. Corvus also wants to get his discard pile reshuffled into his deck – if he can play THE BLACK ORDER cards a second time, his second play of ASSASSIN OF THANOS is one of the strongest attack cards in the game.

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