Ebony Maw

While most of the Black Order prefer to threaten their enemies physically, Ebony Maw prefers to win his battles with words. A hypnotic master of persuasion, he excels at bringing out the worst in people and turning them against their allies. But Maw is more than just a mind controller – he’s one of the most powerful wizards in the galaxy. Much like Doctor Strange, I felt this was an occasion for a deck of all Special cards – and a worthy support for the more direct Black Order members.

Ebony Maw PDF

Ebony Maw: 15 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

4x COUNTERSPELL: Play when an enemy card is played. Negate all effects, including damage, of the card this is played against. That card is shuffled into its player’s draw pile.

3x TELEKINETIC CONTROL: Choose a character Ebony Maw can attack at range. Move that character up to 3 spaces. That character cannot move until the end of your next turn.

3x COSMIC FIREBALL: Deal 4 damage to an enemy character that Ebony Maw can attack at range.

2x DARK WHISPERS: Choose an enemy Ebony Maw can attack at range. Choose a card in their hand and play it as if Ebony Maw was that character.

1x FINDER OF SECRETS: Play on Ebony Maw’s Life Card. Whenever Ebony Maw plays a Special Card against an enemy character, that character’s player reveals their hand to you.

1x MASTER OF SPELLS: Play on Ebony Maw’s Life Card. Whenever Ebony Maw plays a Special Card, draw a card.

1x SPEAKER OF DEATH: Play on Ebony Maw’s Life Card. Whenever Ebony Maw plays a Special Card, it gains the affect “Deal 2 damage to the target of this card.”

Theme: A master manipulator who disrupts and manipulates his opponent

Strengths: Fantastic disruption cards, powerful direct damage, good drawing power, can steal an opponent’s card and use it as his own

Weaknesses: Low hit points, needs specific cards to deal significant damage

Complexity – Moderate:

Path to Victory: SPEAKER OF DEATH + Special cards, especially COSMIC FIREBALL

Playing as Ebony Maw: Ebony Maw is a character who wants to sit back and let his teammates do the heavy lifting while he draws the cards he needs. TELEKINETIC CONTROL will help keep melee threats off of his back. Once he gets MASTER OF SPELLS for consistent drawing power and especially SPEAKER OF DEATH for consistent damage, he becomes one of the most threatening characters on the board. COSMIC FIREBALL can spell the end for almost anyone with SPEAKER OF DEATH in play: 18 direct damage is enough to put almost anyone out.

Playing Against Ebony Maw: Depending on when he gets his signature Life Card abilities, Ebony Maw can either be a mild nuisance or a game warping threat. SPEAKER OF DEATH is a card that potentially creates 28 direct damage, so you’ll want to take Ebony Maw out before he can get much out of it. That’s no easy task, as his Green Deck and COUNTERSPELL make him very difficult to do anything to, even direct damage. Also, beware that DARK WHISPERS does play (and thus discard) the card that Ebony Maw plays.

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