The Nova Corps is an intergalactic military force – basically Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern Corps. While the Corps has 500 members at any given time, there are two notable earthlings who have gone by the name Nova. Richard Rider was the first Nova and the leader of the Corps: Nova Prime. But if you’ve been reading comics over the last decade or so, you’re probably more familiar with Sam Alexander, the young teenager who’s been a part of the Avengers and the Champions (with Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and others). Both versions have essentially the same powers, so I made the deck with both characters in mind.

Nova PDF

Nova: 18 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

3x GRAVIMETRIC PULSE: A6 After combat, move the defending character 6 spaces away from Nova, or as far as you can.

3x CENTURIAN CHARGE: A8 Play face-up anytime on your turn. Move Nova up to eight spaces. He may move over obstacles but must land adjacent to an opponent, who becomes the target of this attack.

3x GRAVIMETRIC BEAM: Choose a character Nova can attack at range. That character takes 2 damage and loses an action on their next turn.

2x NOVA FORCE: Draw 3 cards.

2x XANDARAN ARMOR: D6 Draw a card. If Nova takes no damage from the attack this card defends, draw a second card.

1x WORLDMIND OF XANDAR: Search your discard pile for any one Power Combat card and put it into your hand.

1x NOVA BURST: A0 The attack value of this card is equal to the attack value of the last card Nova was attacked with.

Theme: A simple, straightforward deck for a simple, straightforward space hero

Strengths: Great drawing power, great movement and board control, big attacks, solid defense, direct damage, solid hit points

Weaknesses: Doesn’t excel at offense or defense

Complexity – Simple: Nova would be at home in the original Star Wars Epic Duels game


Playing as Nova: Both iterations of Nova was designed to appeal to young readers, so I felt it was fitting to give them a deck that anyone could use. It’s a fantastic starter deck that uses tried and true mechanisms and has a little bit of everything. GRAVIMETRIC PULSE and GRAVIMETRIC BEAM give Nova a solid push-and-pull game, letting him move tough foes away from him and setting them up for direct damage. Then he can fly in with CENTURIAN CHARGE when he’s ready. NOVA BURST is a fun card that can be really useful against hyper offense decks.

Playing Against Nova: This deck is the usual jack-of-all-trades and master of none type deck, though it does have very good drawing power and movement. CENTURIAN CHARGE makes it easy for Nova to come in and hit his big attacks, especially if he survives a big hit and can retaliate with NOVA BURST.


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