She may not have made it into the Infinity War movie, but Supergiant debuted with the rest of the Black Order and made her way into Ultimate Alliance 3, so it felt right to include her with the rest of the group. Not actually a giant, this omnipath (able to mentally control anyone regardless of their species or origin) is named after a luminous star. Possessing immense psychic power, she was even able to continue living as a being of psionic energy after her death. It was that story that made me think of a fun mechanism I could use to make her stand out.

Supergiant PDF

Supergiant: 16 Hit Points, Ranged, Orange Deck

3x MENTAL PARASITE: A4 If the defending character does not have a copy of MENTAL PARASITE on their Life Card, place this card on their Life Card. Whenever a character with MENTAL PARASITE on their Life Card draws a card, Supergiant may draw a card.

3x PSYCHIC FEEDBACK: A6 The defending character draws cards equal to the amount of damage dealt by this card.

2x OMNIPATH: A2/D2 Add +1 to the Attack and Defend values of this card for each card in the opposing player’s hand when this card is revealed.

2x MIND FEAST: All characters with a copy of MENTAL PARASITE on their Life Card draw 2 cards.

2x PSYCHIC POSSESSION: Choose an enemy character with MENTAL PARASITE on their Life Card to reveal their hand to you. Discard one of their cards. If it has an attack value, the character is attacked with that card and may defend.

2x MASS POSSESSION: All characters with MENTAL PARASITE on their Life Card take damage equal to half the number of cards in their hand, rounded up.

1x PSIONIC ENTITY: Play on Supergiant’s Life Card. As long as this card is on Supergiant’s Life Card, she may not defend or reduce damage. When Supergiant is destroyed, she remains on the board until the end of the game. She may move, draw cards and play cards on her turn until the end.

Theme: A psychic who feeds off mental energy, controls foes and lives after death

Strengths: Amazing card drawing ability, can attack players with their own cards, solid direct damage, potentially huge attacks, can stay around after death

Weaknesses: Gives her enemies drawing power, overall damage output is just okay, low staying power without PSIONIC ENTITY

Complexity – Advanced: Supergiant helps her enemies before she hinders them and can be tricky to play


Playing as Supergiant: You’ll want MENTAL PARASITE on your enemies as soon as you can so you can take full advantage of her tool kit. While it might seem counterintuitive to have your opponent draw extra cards, Supergiant can use this to twist things around. A bigger hand means there’s more likely to be a tasty card to steal with PSYCHIC POSSESSION, which can often end up discarding two cards if the attack value is high enough to warrant a defense. And of course, OMNIPATH can be as high as an A12 or a D11, which isn’t shabby. Wait until Supergiant is almost dead to play PSIONIC ENTITY or you’ll dissuade opponents from going after you. Also note this is useless in 1v1, as when she’s destroyed she’ll be the last member on her team destroyed and thus lose the game.

Playing Against Supergiant: Supergiant is a weird one to combat. On one hand, she’ll give you extra drawing power, which will be helpful if you’re taking on her and the other Black Order decks. And you also don’t want her to get PSIONIC ENTITY into play, being dead and thus invulnerable while she keeps playing her cards. But you also don’t want her to unleash the nasty direct damage of MASS POSSESSION, the big attacks of OMNIPATH, or your own best attacks.

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