For fans of a certain age (my age), we’ll probably always have a place in our hearts for Jubilee. What Kitty Pryde was for the X-Men in the 1980s, Jubilation Lee was for the ’90s. She was the Robin to Wolverine’s Batman, and the point of view character in the animated X-Men series, letting us live vicariously as she was raised and trained by the X-Men. A mutant who creates explosive energy bursts that look like fireworks, Jubilee is also a mall brat with a motor mouth. Her taunting, obnoxious personality made me think of Maloney’s brilliant C-3PO cards.

Jubilee PDF

Jubilee: 15 Hit Points, Ranged, Yellow Deck

3x ENERGY GLOBULES: A4 The defending character loses an action on their next turn.

3x PYROTECHNICS: A6 All enemy characters adjacent to the defending target take 2 damage.

2x SHOPLIFTING: Move Jubilee adjacent to any enemy character. That character discards 2 cards, and Jubilee draws 2 cards.

2x MALLRAT: D8 Move Jubilee up to 3 spaces.

2x OBNOXIOUS TAUNT: Place this card on Jubilee’s Life Card. As long as this card is on Jubilee’s Life Card, Jubilee’s allies cannot be attacked. Jubilee may use an action to discard this card and heal 6 damage.

2x INDEPENDENCE DAY: All enemy characters Jubilee can attack take 4 damage and lose an action on their next turn.

1x CALL FOR HELP: Move each of Jubilee’s allies adjacent to Jubilee. If OBNOXIOUS TAUNT is on Jubilee’s Life Card, shuffle it into her draw pile.

Theme: An annoying half-pint with explosive powers and good friends

Strengths: High direct damage, great action denial, can protect her allies by making herself the only viable target

Weaknesses: Very low staying power, direct attack power is just okay, no extra movement

Complexity – Moderate: Support decks can be a little tricky but she’s pretty straightforward


Playing as Jubilee: The first thing you need to know is Jubilee isn’t really meant to win games by herself. She’s designed with the idea of being a “sidekick” to her teammates, setting them up to win with her great disruption game. OBNOXIOUS TAUNT is her most unique feature; shutting down all offense aimed at her teammates until she takes it off, or dies. But even without that, she’s got forced discards, great action denial and direct damage to make herself a nuisance. Try pairing her with someone like Colossus or Wolverine and watch her set up her team for a victory.

Playing Against Jubilee: Fighting a team with Jubilee is like trying to take out a superhero and then their petulant child keeps coming and demanding your attention. Ergo, she’s quite annoying with her disruption game. You can’t really afford to ignore her (and sometimes, you just can’t) because she’s got direct damage and action denial, but you also don’t want to waste your big attacks just to see her block it with MALL RAT. Direct damage decks are usually a good counter, since they aren’t attacks and can’t take out Jubilee or the partners she’s protecting.

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