Silver Surfer

Comics are weird and wonderful. For example, the Silver Surfer, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, who is just a silver humanoid riding through space on what is obviously just a surfboard. It shouldn’t be so cool, and yet it is. The Surfer was introduced in Fantastic Four comics as the herald of Galactus, an all powerful Celestial who feeds off the energy of planets. Humanity convinced the Surfer to re-discover his nobility of spirit, and he’s dedicated his life to finding planets without sentient life to sate his master’s hunger. As for deck ideas, I finally had a perfect character to adapt Mike Maloney’s Shaak Ti deck.

Silver Surfer PDF

Silver Surfer: 18 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

3x NOBILITY OF SPIRIT: A6 Silver Surfer recovers 1 damage. Then all allies adjacent to the Surfer recover 2 damage.

3x HERALD OF GALACTUS: Choose an enemy character Silver Surfer can attack. That character takes 4 damage. Then all characters adjacent to that character take 4 damage.

3x COSMIC WAVE: Find SILVER BOARD from your draw pile, discard pile, or from play and play it on Silver Surfer’s Life Card. If SILVER BOARD was on an ally’s Life Card, move them to a space adjacent to the Surfer.

2x SURFBOARD DASH: Move Silver Surfer up to 6 spaces, then draw 1 card. If SILVER BOARD is on your Life Card, move an additional 2 spaces and draw an additional card.

2x THE POWER COSMIC: Choose Silver Surfer or an ally. That character recovers 3 damage and may draw a card. If SILVER BOARD is on your Life Card, that character recovers an additional 1 point of damage and draw another card.

1x MATTER MANIPULATION: Until the end of Silver Surfer’s next turn, reduce any damage done to the Surfer or adjacent allies to 0.

1x SILVER BOARD: Play on Silver Surfer’s Life Card. Add 2 to the attack values of the character with SILVER BOARD on their Life Card. You may use an action to place SILVER BOARD on any allied character’s Life Card.

Theme: A powerful cosmic being who helps his allies

Strengths: Lots of healing and card draw, big direct damage, big movement, solid staying power

Weaknesses: Lacks power defense, potentially hurts himself and allies, needs SILVER BOARD for consistent attack power

Complexity – Moderate: You’ll need to balance offense and support play


Playing as Silver Surfer: The Surfer has two major roles that you’ll be using depending on your cards and what you need. SILVER BOARD is a versatile card that you can play on yourself and then move to your allies to boost their attack. But then you can use COSMIC WAVE to bring the allies to you and set up the ally effects of NOBILITY OF SPIRIT or MATTER MANIPULATION. Combined with THE POWER COSMIC, this makes him an effective support deck. But when you need to go on the offense, SURFBOARD DASH can get you into position to hit major damage with HERALD OF GALACTUS. The Surfer works best in 3v3 where that card has more targets.

Playing Against Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer is a potent support deck, able to grant his allies power boosts, card draws and extra healing in a pinch, and also able to pull them out of tight spots with COSMIC WAVE. That makes him a nuisance you’ll want to get rid of quickly. You’ll also want to try to avoid setting up your team to be wrecked by HERALD OF GALACTUS.


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