The Juggernaut

Cain Marko discovered near limitless power when he touched a crystal of the war god Cyttorak, becoming a human Juggernaut. Driven by hatred of his half-brother Charles Xavier, The Juggernaut has been one of the X-Men’s perennial and most dangerous foes. Virtually unstoppable and capable of immense destruction, the Juggernaut was clearly going to be one of the strongest decks in the set.

Juggernaut PDF

The Juggernaut: 22 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

3x CYTTORAK STRENGTH: A5 If the Juggernaut moved due to a Power Combat or Special card this turn, increase the attack value by 1 for each space he moved.

3x UNSTOPPABLE: Move The Juggernaut up to 5 spaces and draw a card.

3x DESTRUCTIVE CHARGE: A6 Play this card face up. Before attacking, move the Juggernaut up to four spaces, landing adjacent to a character who becomes the target of the attack.

2x GET OUT OF THE WAY: A5 After attacking, you may move The Juggernaut up to 4 spaces. He may move through enemies during this movement.

2x PROTECTIVE HELMET: D3 Draw 3 cards. Whenever The Juggernaut is the target of a Special card, you may discard this card to cancel all effects of that card.

1x CYTTORAK STAMINA: D0 Unless the attack this defends would destroy The Juggernaut, The Juggernaut takes no damage.

1x WRECKING MACHINE: A9 Play this card face up. The defending character may discard a Power Combat or Special card that grants movement to avoid all damage. If they do, the Juggernaut may move according to the discarded card.

Juggernaut 2

Theme: Unstoppable force – movement setting up big attacks.

Strengths: High hit points, powerful attacks, can shrug off Special cards, lots of movement

Weaknesses: Moderate defensive power, predictable attack pattern

Complexity – Moderate: A few of Juggernaut’s cards are a bit tricky, but he’s mostly simple.

Path to Victory: Special or Power Combat Movement + CYTTORAK STRENGTH, WRECKING MACHINE

Playing as The Juggernaut: Unless you’re the Incredible Hulk, it’s hard to compete with the Juggernaut in terms of raw power. Juggernaut is all offense: moving in, hitting big, and then hitting even harder. If you get WRECKING MACHINE, you’ll want to wait until you have CYTTORAK STRENGTH, as you can turn the missed attack into an even bigger attack. Be prepared to be the target of multiple attacks: Juggernaut can only take so many with his Red Deck and poor Power Defense. CYTTORAK STAMINA is played better early than late: you don’t want to take a big attack when you only have seven or eight hit points left.

Playing Against The Juggernaut: Juggernaut hits incredibly hard, but the good thing is you’ll usually know when those hits are coming. Save your best defense for when CYTTORAK STRENGTH is likely to hit you. When Juggernaut’s hit points dwindle, your big attacks get more dangerous, so keep a couple in reserve to counter CYTTORAK STAMINA. And when possible, double team him: he’s dangerous enough to deserve your full attention.

Juggernaut 1

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