Basic Combat Decks

The Basic Combat Decks are the various 16-card decks that make up the non-unique cards in a character’s deck. They are based on the 10-card Major Character decks from Star Wars: Epic Duels, which you can see at Geektopia for reference. While looking at the PDFs and printing them will give you the entire deck of a character, this is an important reference so you know what  each color means by the short hand. I use Six Decks, and they are as follows:

BLUE DECK: 2x A5/D1, 2x A4/D2, 2x A4/D1, 2x A3/D3, 1x A3/D2, 2x A2/D2, 1x A2/D3, 2x A1/D3, 2x A1/D4

Based on the original, the Blue Deck is intended for strong melee fighters like Wonder Woman and Black Panther. It is a very strong deck with good offense and defense, and probably the most effective Basic Deck. Characters with Blue Decks tend to have between 17 and 19 Hit Points. Their Power Combat cards rarely do more than 6 damage unless specific conditions are met. Despite that, their high staying power often results in good games.

RED DECK: 4x A5/D1, 2x A4/D2, 2x A4/D1, 1x A3/D2, 2x A3/D1, 1x A2/D3, 2x A1/D2, 2x A1/D4

Based on the original Red Deck, mine is considerably stronger and is designed for melee fighters that are heavy hitters, like Superman and Wolverine. Red Decks hit hard but are a bit low on defense, though this version fares better than the original. Characters like this will typically have higher hit point totals, though I also use it for glass cannon characters with high offense and low staying power.

GREEN DECK: 4x A4/D2, 1x A4/D1, 2x A3/D3, 2x A2/D4, 2x A2/D2, 2x A1/D3, 2x A1/D4, 1x A1/D5

Based on the original Green Deck, this one trades high offense for great defense, often to great effect. Strategic and defensive characters like Captain Marvel and Shazam use Green Decks. These characters are often extremely tough to kill but also struggle to take opponents out. Unless they have cards that do direct damage or force an opponent to discard cards, they will often have a tough time getting in their offense.

PURPLE DECK: 1x A5/D1, 2x A4/D2, 3x A4/D1, 1x A3/D3, 2x A3/D2, 1x A3/D1, 2x A2/D3, 2x A1/D2, 2x A1/D4

This one is actually based on the Brown Deck. It’s used for weaker Melee fighters like Batman and Green Goblin. I originally based it off of the Orange deck but that version had always underperformed. Replacing the A3s with A4/D2s helps the Melee characters a lot.

YELLOW DECK: 4x A4/D1, 2x A3/D2, 2x A3/D1, 1x A2/D3, 3x A2/D2, 2x A2/D1, 2x A1/D4

Based on the original Yellow Deck (more the Yellow+ Deck, really), this is the basic deck for Ranged characters like Cyclops and The Joker. Ranged characters don’t need to hit as hard as melee characters, since they often hit earlier, before an opponent has a chance to get their best defend cards. The downside is usually fewer hit points and poor defense, though many of them have great offense. As long as you keep them away from hard-hitting melee characters, this deck proves pretty effective.

ORANGE DECK: 1x A5/D1, 3x A4/D1, 1x A3/D3, 2x A3/D2, 3x A3/D1, 2x A2/D3, 2x A1/D2, 2x A1/D4

This is based on the original Orange Deck. It hits a little harder and defends a little better than the Yellow Deck. It’s designed for stronger ranged characters that can handle themselves in melee, like Spider-Man and Green Arrow. This one is actually pretty formidable, especially if you happen to draw the A5 and can hit it from range. Characters like this tend to be glass cannons, doing a lot of damage but struggling to stay alive at points.

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