Created by Mephisto by collecting a massive amount of evil energy, Blackheart is a demon lord who looks to take over his father’s realm and make life hell for everyone in the process. If you’re my age, you probably remember seeing this character in Capcom fighting games and being terrified by his appearance and creepy attacks. Having such a sick looking demon to play with seemed like a perfect fit for Epic Duels, and I loved having a character who could corrupt heroes in a way and feed off of their violence.

Blackheart PDF

Blackheart: 19 Hit Points, Melee, Green Deck

THE NATURE OF EVIL [Special Rules Card]: Blackheart may attack characters with DEMONIC INFLUENCE on their Life Card from anywhere on the board. Whenever a character with DEMONIC INFLUENCE attacks, place their attack card on Blackheart’s Life Card after combat.

3x DEMONIC INFLUENCE: A0 Play face up when attacking. This card may be used at range and is placed on the defending character’s Life Card. They may discard their entire hand (at least 4 cards) to remove it.

3x SON OF MEPHISTO: A6 The defending character discards 1 card from their hand for each DEMONIC INFLUENCE on their Life Card.

3x FOR WE ARE MANY: All characters take 2 damage (to a maximum of 4) for each DEMONIC INFLUENCE on their Life Card.

2x DARK RITUAL: Discard 2 cards. Then draw 3 cards from either your discard pile or the top of your draw pile.

2x CORRUPTED SOUL: D8 Draw a card for each copy of DEMONIC INFLUENCE on character’s Life Cards.

2x POWER OF MISDEEDS: A2/D2 Add 1 to the values of this card for each attack card on Blackheart’s Life Card. Then discard half of them (rounded down).

Theme: Feed off the evil of others

Strengths: Good defense, high direct damage game, often forces big discards, potential for big attacks

Weaknesses: Offense is just okay early on, needs to take hits to dish them back out

Complexity – Moderate: Blackheart is somewhat indirect but mostly easy


Playing as Blackheart: Blackheart’s early game is all about getting DEMONIC INFLUENCE onto characters as quickly as possible. Once a character has that on their card, they become his plaything unless they are willing to pay the high cost to get rid of the influence, which can be dangerous in its own right. If they do shake it off, use DARK RITUAL to get your cards back. Also, know the value of keeping an opponent’s attack cards on your Life Card instead of in their discard piles; this can be extremely useful against certain characters. Not that you can use POWER OF MISDEEDS to get rid of harmful status cards you might otherwise have trouble removing.

Playing Against Blackheart: Blackheart wants to stay away from you, as DEMONIC INFLUENCE is a ranged attack for him and once that’s on you, he can hit you from anywhere. Getting rid of those cards is very costly, but sometimes it’s the difference between losing the game outright and having a chance to make a comeback. And if he gets to play SON OF MEPHISTO on you, you might not have the cards to pay the cost. You’ll also want to keep a close watch on how many attack cards are on his Life Card, and keep a defense card handy.

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