Michael Morbius was a brilliant scientist with a rare blood condition. When he tried to cure it, he became The Living Vampire, debuting as an enemy of Spider-Man before eventually settling into a role of tragic anti-hero who is misunderstood but still frequently in conflict with Marvel’s heroes. I personally think the whole vampire thing is a bit gruesome for a Spidey villain, but he fits right in with the Marvel Knights imprint. And I can’t deny that he’s one of my favorite characters in Ultimate Alliance 3. Given that I wanted to bring Blade into the world of Epic Duels, it only made sense to give him someone to hunt.

Morbius PDF

Morbius: 17 Hit Points, Melee, Red Deck

4x THE LIVING VAMPIRE: A5 After combat, Morbius heals damage equal to the damage dealt by this card.

3x FRENZIED FANGS: A4 Add 1 to the attack value of this card for each copy of THE LIVING VAMPIRE card in your discard pile.

2x GHOSTLY GLIDE: Move Morbius up to six spaces, ignoring obstacles and enemies. Gain 1 action.

2x HYPNOTIC GAZE: No enemy character that Morbius can attack at range can move on their next turn.

2x VICIOUS CLAWS: A7 Draw a card.

1x DARK SCIENCE: Draw cards until you have 10 cards in your hand. Morbius takes 1 damage for every 2 cards drawn (rounded up). Gain 1 action.

1x BLOODTHIRSTY: D7 After combat, move Morbius to any space adjacent to the attacking character. That character takes 3 damage and Morbius heals 3 damage.

Theme: A brutal vampire who powers up by sucking your blood

Strengths: Heals by doing damage, gets stronger as the game goes, great mobility, ridiculous draw power

Weaknesses: Weak attacks early on, staying power is just okay unless he recovers health, can damage himself.

Complexity -Simple: Morbius’ health can be tricky to manage but he’s pretty direct


Playing as Morbius: You might be tempted to think that Morbius has good staying power because THE LIVING VAMPIRE, but with a Red Deck and only one Power Defense card, he’s actually fragile. As such, you want to try and your opponent to use their good defense cards on you A5/D1s so that you can get the most healing when you use those attacks. Naturally, you should also be very judicious about when to use DARK SCIENCE. HYPNOTIC GAZE is good for keeping melee fighters away, but is also especially good to set up your partners to get in finish the fight.

Playing Against Morbius: Depending on how much he heals with THE LIVING VAMPIRE, Morbius can either be a defensive pushover or live long and make you suffer for it. He’s fairly weak in the early game, but if he can live long enough to make FRENZIED FANGS an A7 or so, he’s got a lot of big attacks. He’s also got one massively swingy defense card in BLOODTHIRSTY, so you want to be prepared to take damage whenever you attack him.

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